The Courses

Welcome to Global Studies, an interdisciplinary course that will provide students with opportunities to examine and analyze the world we live in.

This Global Studies site is used by students enrolled in four courses of study at Edward Little High School:   Maine Studies, World Issues, Honors World History and Global Contemporary Issues.

We live in a modern, globally interconnected society which makes it more important than ever to understand geography, world history, and contemporary issues.  Effective collaboration worldwide builds strong interpersonal relationships.  Students will acquire the skills necessary to be successful participating world citizens.

Topics addressed in these courses throughout the year include Geography, Religion, Comparative Government, Leadership & People, Diplomacy, and Globalization.   We examine political, intellectual, artistic, technological, economic and social characteristics of peoples in Maine, the United States and the World.   An interdisciplinary lens is used to personalize information, making knowledge about the world relevant to individual students.  (العربية) (français) (日本語)